@SeanSpicer: January 04, 2018

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Sean Spicer

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2018-01-04 19:59: “I better get a cup out this. https:// twitter.com/unfilteredse/s tatus/949055802140176384 …”

2018-01-04 16:41: “Coming up at 5pm on @HLNTV I join @secupp on @UnfilteredSE I even made my own mug pic.twitter.com/iaf2NRYiUF”

2018-01-04 11:16: “Stuck at home today? Tune into @HLNTV @UnfilteredSE @secupp at 5pm. I’m on for the full hour”

2018-01-04 11:15: “2018 starts off strong for the @gop in #cointoss Cc @VA_GOP @VAGOPCaucus”

2018-01-04 10:54: “Boom https:// twitter.com/afp/status/948 926556235292672 …”