@SenateMajLdr: October 04, 2018

Spoken by

Mitch McConnell

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Capture time: 2018-10-05 07:20:07.

2018-10-04 19:23: “The Senate will be in session at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Under the regular order, the vote to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court will be at 10:30.”

2018-10-04 12:34: “I was proud to file cloture on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination yesterday evening. And I will be proud to vote to advance his nomination tomorrow.”

2018-10-04 12:33: “We owe it to the American people not to be intimidated by these tactics. We owe it to the American people to underscore that you’re innocent until proven guilty. pic.twitter.com/uGzKkP14jP”

2018-10-04 12:33: “When the noise fades, what’s left is a distinguished nominee with a unanimously well qualified rating from the American Bar Association (the Democrats’ gold standard). A man whom peers and colleagues praise in the strongest terms. That’s Judge Kavanaugh.”

2018-10-04 12:33: “The FBI has completed yet another background investigation on Judge Kavanaugh and delivered its results to the Senate. The fact is that these allegations have not been corroborated. Not in the new FBI investigation, not anywhere.”