@SenateMajLdr: September 25, 2018

Spoken by

Mitch McConnell

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2018-09-25 19:49: “My Democrat friends might want to consider this from then-Judiciary Committee Chairman JOE BIDEN (D-DE) In 1991: The ‘FBI Explicitly Does Not, In This Or Any Other Case Reach A Conclusion, Period’ pic.twitter.com/NvAI3RqevL”

2018-09-25 18:22: “Democrats sat on Dr. Ford’s letter for weeks. They kept it secret. They did nothing. And then they threw Dr. Ford’s wishes for confidentiality overboard and leaked it to the press. Does this sound like people who want to get to the truth? https://www. republicanleader.senate.gov/newsroom/resea rch/confidentiality-denied …”

2018-09-25 11:34: “Senate Democrats ignored Dr. Ford’s request for discretion and confidentiality and cheered on a public smear campaign based on uncorroborated allegations. I’m grateful to @ChuckGrassley for handling this with seriousness and responsibility and scheduling Thursday’s hearing.”

2018-09-25 11:20: “One side is handling these sensitive matters with dignity, with professionalism… by the book. And we have another side that chose to sit on allegations and keep them secret until they were leaked to the press.”

2018-09-25 11:20: “This is America. Evidence matters. Facts matter. We have never been – and do not wish to be – a society in which a single, uncorroborated allegation can wield veto power over somebody’s life. Everyone deserves better than this. pic.twitter.com/lPazbl1crl”

2018-09-25 11:18: “The American people know sexual misconduct is serious. They expect this matter to be treated seriously. That’s what @ChuckGrassley has done and is doing. He has acted transparently in the pursuit of truth, and he has treated this matter with kindness and respect. @senjudiciary”