@SenateMajLdr: February 07, 2018

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Mitch McConnell

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2018-02-07 15:33: “Bonuses, not #crumbs . @ChipotleTweets is the latest company to give their employees benefits because of #TaxReform . http:// cnb.cx/2GVtb1S”

2018-02-07 13:03: “This bill represents a significant, bipartisan step forward. I urge every Senator to review this legislation and join in voting to advance it.”

2018-02-07 12:55: “Too often, underfunded, over-complicated bureaucracies fail to deliver the care our #Veterans deserve. This bill will provide for our returning heroes.”

2018-02-07 12:49: “As I’ve said publicly many times, our upcoming immigration debate on #DACA , border security, & other issues will be a process that is fair to all sides. While I obviously cannot guarantee any outcomes, let alone supermajority support, I can ensure the process is fair to all sides”

2018-02-07 12:48: “The bipartisan budget agreement will fund new grants, prevention programs, and law enforcement efforts in vulnerable communities across the country struggling against the #opioidcrisis and substance abuse.”

2018-02-07 12:47: “In addition to helping our military and #Veterans , this bipartisan agreement will provides funding for disaster relief efforts. Last year, powerful storms crippled #PuertoRico & #USVI and damaged communities from #Florida to #Texas , this bill will get more help on the way.”

2018-02-07 12:46: “First and foremost, this bipartisan agreement will unwind the sequestration cuts that have hurt our military and jeopardized national security. As @DeptofDefense Secretary Mattis said, “no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of our military than sequestration.””

2018-02-07 12:45: “For the first time in years, our military will have the resources needed to keep us safe. This funding will help serve #Veterans who have bravely served, & it will ensure efforts such as disaster relief, infrastructure, and build on our fight against opioid abuse & drug addiction”

2018-02-07 12:44: “I’m happy to announce that our bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities have yielded a significant agreement. Thank you @SenSchumer for joining me this afternoon, and for the productive discussions that generated this proposal.”