@SenateMajLdr: December 06, 2017

Spoken by

Mitch McConnell

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2017-12-06 16:06: “A vote for this short-term CR will help maintain our military & continue the important work of federal agencies. And it will provide states with the certainty to continue to CHIP until a bipartisan reauthorization agreement is finalized.”

2017-12-06 14:22: “The @washingtonpost fact checks another claim by Democrats on the GOP #TaxReform bill, and their findings shouldn’t surprise you http:// wapo.st/2jkCG0g pic.twitter.com/Qg0DFKuO4e”

2017-12-06 11:15: “#TaxReform seizes opportunity to spur economic growth, to help create #jobs right here at home, and to take more money out of Washington’s pocket and put more money into the pockets of hardworking American families. pic.twitter.com/t1pCBtpk2C”

2017-12-06 10:05: “With the cooperation of our Democrat colleagues, Congress will pass a short-term CR before the end of this week.”