@SenateMajLdr: December 04, 2017

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Mitch McConnell

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2017-12-04 17:12: “I would again like to thank the Chairman of @GOPSenFinance , @senorrinhatch , for his leadership through years of work, dozens of hearings, and a full markup of the #Senate #TaxReform bill. http:// on.wsj.com/2jLihkG”

2017-12-04 16:20: “#TaxReform , along with @POTUS ‘ regulatory relief, is why the #economy is beginning to look up. @FaceTheNation pic.twitter.com/RX7qCX3XrK”

2017-12-04 16:07: “Soon, the House and the #Senate will meet in a conference to produce a final #TaxReform bill so we can send it to @POTUS ‘ desk.”

2017-12-04 15:15: “Thank you to @POTUS and @VP , who fought for the promise they made to the American people to cut their taxes. Their tenacity, commitment to the effort and engagement with the #Senate were invaluable. #TaxReform”

2017-12-04 15:10: “The House has released its legislative text, one without any controversial policy riders, to fund the government through December 22. The #Senate will pass it before the end of this week.”

2017-12-04 15:08: “Today, the #Senate will vote to advance @POTUS ‘ nominee to lead @DHSgov , Kirstjen Nielsen.”

2017-12-04 14:41: “The #Senate #TaxReform bill will help boost the #economy and keep #jobs here in America. @ThisWeekABC pic.twitter.com/KSBBUHVDbY”

2017-12-04 13:55: “#ICYMI – The #Senate passed our once-in-a-generation #TaxReform bill. See what’s in it for you. via @WSJopinion http:// on.wsj.com/2jLihkG”

2017-12-04 13:32: “#Senate Republicans believe that #TaxReform will jump start the #economy and help the middle class, while Democrats seems to be quite content with slow growth and little opportunity. @FaceTheNation pic.twitter.com/9ckLS68ZAK”

2017-12-04 12:09: “Yesterday I joined @FaceTheNation to discuss why the #Senate #TaxReform bill will help lead us away from the stagnant Obama #economy years. pic.twitter.com/VIrWzbWhHG”

2017-12-04 11:48: “#ICYMI – I joined @ThisWeekABC to discuss the importance of the #Senate #TaxReform bill and how it will benefit the middle class. pic.twitter.com/rHlCA7lWkx”

2017-12-04 10:24: “My @WSJ op-ed lays out how the #Senate ’s #TaxReform bill will help working families and #SmallBusiness while promoting #energy independence. via @WSJopinion http:// on.wsj.com/2jLihkG”

2017-12-04 09:18: “The #Senate has passed #TaxReform to boost our #economy , help grow #SmallBusiness , and give our nation more #energy independence. pic.twitter.com/MTWn1AAEXi”