@SenateMajLdr: November 29, 2017

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Mitch McConnell

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2017-11-29 19:31: “Tonight I’ll be joining the @IngrahamAngle to discuss the importance of #TaxReform for the American people. Tune in to @FoxNews at 10:00 Eastern / 9:00 Central pic.twitter.com/qR4ecwHx91”

2017-11-29 18:21: “The #Senate has taken another important step tonight towards giving Americans the #TaxReform they deserve.”

2017-11-29 17:16: “The #Senate will soon take the important next step toward fixing the #tax code and helping middle class families keep more of their hard-earned money. We’ll vote to begin debate on this once-in-a-generation opportunity for #TaxReform .”

2017-11-29 14:02: “#Senate #TaxReform bill is ‘Exactly what #SmallBusiness owners & entrepreneurs need right now in order to grow’ http:// bit.ly/2idF9wo”

2017-11-29 13:14: “The #Senate #TaxReform bill “would boost the #economy ’ and lead to ‘Higher wages and…an additional 925,000 full-time equivalent #jobs ’ http:// bit.ly/2hpduod”

2017-11-29 12:34: “. @GOPSenFinance ‘s #taxreform bill is the result of years of work, dozens of hearings, & a full committee markup. Thank you, @senorrinhatch . pic.twitter.com/EHeZBt8DrG”

2017-11-29 12:18: “Kentuckians could see, “the boost to after-tax incomes for middle-income families,” of nearly $2,000. #TaxReform pic.twitter.com/lulMLTFKKK”

2017-11-29 12:11: “Passing #TaxReform is the single most important thing we can do right now to shift the #economy into high gear and deliver much-needed relief to American families. http:// bit.ly/2idF9wo”

2017-11-29 11:53: “For years, #Senate Democrats have called for #TaxReform . What happened? http:// bit.ly/2yoDfzd”