@SenateMajLdr: October 25, 2017

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Mitch McConnell

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2017-10-25 16:53: “Today we celebrated the Filipino people & their unparalleled bravery and sacrifice in WWII by presenting them the Congressional Gold Medal. pic.twitter.com/2FtSH2xT68”

2017-10-25 13:59: “Reversing a regulation that ‘would hurt consumers and the #economy ’ http:// bit.ly/2gDBbsB”

2017-10-25 13:25: “Yesterday’s productive lunch with @POTUS focused on how to bring tax relief, economic growth, & jobs to the middle class through #TaxReform .”

2017-10-25 12:35: “#Senate Dems are intentionally wasting everyone’s time but slowing down the judicial nomination process, even w/ non-controversial nominees”