@SenateMajLdr: March 29, 2017

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Mitch McConnell

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2017-03-29 16:15: “Just so everyone knows…there has NEVER been a successful partisan filibuster of a #SCOTUS nominee in the history of the US #Senate”

2017-03-29 15:10: “Another day, another #Senate Democrat #SCOTUS Fact Check. http:// bit.ly/2nMtK70”

2017-03-29 13:48: “Prominent #Democrat supports @GorsuchFacts because “there is no principled reason to vote no” #SCOTUS http:// wapo.st/2nzWVcR”

2017-03-29 11:49: “. @washingtonpost fact check, once again, rates #Senate Dem’s new #SCOTUS nominee 60-vote “standard” false. http:// wapo.st/2nglhW0 pic.twitter.com/CHYRJoR63z”

2017-03-29 11:26: “. @GorsuchFacts is a fair and impartial Judge & will make a great #SCOTUS Justice. He deserves a fair up or down vote in the #Senate . pic.twitter.com/sQmbJ8PhBL”

2017-03-29 10:52: “#Energy Independence Executive Order ‘A Pro-Growth And Pro-Environment Approach’ http:// bit.ly/2od4cxC”

2017-03-29 10:17: “Despite Democrats claims, there has never been a 60-vote “standard” when it comes to #SCOTUS nominees in the #Senate http:// wapo.st/2nglhW0 pic.twitter.com/jceIF0BLqF”