@SenateMajLdr: February 06, 2017

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Mitch McConnell

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2017-02-06 17:31: “DeVos knows that teachers, students, parents, school boards, & local gov’ts are best suited to make education decisions — not DC bureaucrats”

2017-02-06 17:09: “Betsy DeVos is a well-qualified candidate who’s earned the support of 20 governors and several education groups from across the nation.”

2017-02-06 16:00: “Due to Democrats’ stalling and obstruction, cabinet confirmations for @POTUS are the slowest since George Washington http:// bit.ly/2keIs29”

2017-02-06 15:25: “We all know that the empty #SCOTUS seat would not have been filled in the middle of a presidential election year no matter who was President pic.twitter.com/ONLT94pPPv”

2017-02-06 15:17: “Thanks to extreme Democratic obstruction, @POTUS has fewer cabinet officials confirmed at this point than any point in modern history.”

2017-02-06 15:12: “Dems spent months saying #weneednine . Now they should follow through & give this superbly qualified #SCOTUS nom an up-or-down vote.”

2017-02-06 13:43: “I’m confident that Judge #NeilGorsuch will get 60 votes in the Senate. There is no better choice for #SCOTUS than @GorsuchFacts pic.twitter.com/p351BzmUYs”

2017-02-06 13:32: “Editorial Boards laud Judge Gorsuch as ‘A Masterful Pick’ #SCOTUS @GorsuchFacts http:// bit.ly/2kiLt3I”

2017-02-06 11:36: “Yesterday, I spoke with @jaketapper on @CNNSotu on the importance for the Senate to confirm Judge #NeilGorsuch to #SCOTUS . cc: @GorsuchFacts pic.twitter.com/lvUPPoVlgJ”

2017-02-06 10:46: “Judge #NeilGorsuch deserves an up or down vote. The Senate should confirm this nominee to #SCOTUS . @GorsuchFacts → http:// politi.co/2lfjY96”