@projectexile7: June 27, 2018


Spoken by

James Comey

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Capture time: 2018-06-28 07:20:07.

2018-06-27 11:10: “if @jack had any spine, he’d ban all of these malicious fuckwits off of his platform https:// twitter.com/TonyRomm/statu s/1011982258729902080 …”

2018-06-27 11:07: “<3 <3 <3 @Guccifer2" https://twitter.com/projectexile7/status/1011989329860812803 2018-06-27 00:24: “Information Security: aka how long you can pay us to keep a god damn secret by appearing to be incompetent”

2018-06-27 00:21: “/me wonders how many Anonymous pastebins Shawn Henry had to read before getting a billion dollar @crowdstrike IPO”

2018-06-27 00:17: “Sometimes it’s just better to just do it and not talk about it :)”

2018-06-27 00:17: “Pastebins and Press Releases are a great way for the FBI to show up lol”