@RealDonaldTrump: October 09, 2018

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2018-10-09 21:23: “THANK YOU IOWA & NEBRASKA! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! http:// Vote.GOP pic.twitter.com/tzkiQ4IlEd”

2018-10-09 21:18: “https://www. pscp.tv/w/bo1KczFvTlFs TFJub1dwUXd8MUx5eEJRblpseXBKTnlAd5Cgrmzk2pV_Hsh1a-BEIGY8FW6uzKp_nQZUGJiv?t=1h10m51s …”

2018-10-09 21:09: “Beautiful evening in Iowa. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.! #MAGA pic.twitter.com/Zi0rwyajrz”

2018-10-09 17:39: “. @FLGovScott has been relentless in securing the funding to fix the algae problem from Lake Okeechobee – we will solve this! Congress must follow through on the Government’s plan on the Everglades Reservoir. Bill Nelson has been no help!”

2018-10-09 15:08: ““President Donald J. Trump Approves Florida Emergency Declaration” https://www. whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat ements/president-donald-j-trump-approves-florida-emergency-declaration-3/ …”

2018-10-09 12:36: “REGISTER TO VOTE! http:// Vote.GOP https:// twitter.com/EricTrump/stat us/1049696454292500480 …”

2018-10-09 12:07: “FLORIDA – It is imperative that you heed the directions of your State and Local Officials. Please be prepared, be careful and be SAFE! #HurricaneMichael http:// ready.gov pic.twitter.com/aKmaDNgZve”

2018-10-09 12:00: “…Looks to be a Cat. 3 which is even more intense than Florence. Good news is, the folks in the Pan Handle can take care of anything. @FEMA and First Responders are ready – be prepared! #HurricaneMichael”

2018-10-09 12:00: “Hurricane on its way to the Florida Pan Handle with major elements arriving tomorrow. Could also hit, in later stage, parts of Georgia, and unfortunately North Carolina, and South Carolina, again…”

2018-10-09 10:18: “Big announcement with my friend Ambassador Nikki Haley in the Oval Office at 10:30am.”

2018-10-09 09:10: “Will be going to Iowa tonight for Rally, and more! The Farmers (and all) are very happy with USMCA!”

2018-10-09 08:37: “Great evening last night at the White House honoring Justice Kavanaugh and family. Our country is very proud of them!”

2018-10-09 08:32: “The paid D.C. protesters are now ready to REALLY protest because they haven’t gotten their checks – in other words, they weren’t paid! Screamers in Congress, and outside, were far too obvious – less professional than anticipated by those paying (or not paying) the bills!”

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Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States.