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2018-09-11 21:55: “Crazy Maxine Waters: “After we impeach Trump, we’ll go after Mike Pence. We’ll get him.” @FoxNews Where are the Democrats coming from? The best Economy in the history of our country would totally collapse if they ever took control!”

2018-09-11 21:28: “….giving the information, and causing the appointment of a Special C without having the courage of his own convictions…..” Alan Dershowitz @TuckerCarlson In other words, the whole thing was illegally and very unfairly set up?”

2018-09-11 21:16: ““You know who’s at fault for this more than anyone else, Comey, because he leaked information and laundered it through a professor at Columbia Law School. Shame on that professor, and shame on Comey. He snuck the information to a law professor who collaborated with him in……..”

2018-09-11 16:16: “The safety of American people is my absolute highest priority. Heed the directions of your State and Local Officials. Please be prepared, be careful and be SAFE! https://www. ready.gov / pic.twitter.com/LZIUCgdPTH”

2018-09-11 08:58: “17 years since September 11th!”

2018-09-11 08:24: “Departing Washington, D.C. to attend a Flight 93 September 11th Memorial Service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania with Melania. #NeverForget pic.twitter.com/O2sFUeRqeb”

2018-09-11 07:59: “Rudy Giuliani did a GREAT job as Mayor of NYC during the period of September 11th. His leadership, bravery and skill must never be forgotten. Rudy is a TRUE WARRIOR!”

2018-09-11 07:41: ““ERIC Holder could be running the Justice Department right now and it would be behaving no differently than it is.” @LouDobbs”

2018-09-11 07:19: “New Strzok-Page texts reveal “Media Leak Strategy.” @FoxNews So terrible, and NOTHING is being done at DOJ or FBI – but the world is watching, and they get it completely.”

2018-09-11 07:08: ““We have found nothing to show collusion between President Trump & Russia, absolutely zero, but every day we get more documentation showing collusion between the FBI & DOJ, the Hillary campaign, foreign spies & Russians, incredible.” @SaraCarterDC @LouDobbs”

2018-09-11 20:19: “#NeverForget #September11th pic.twitter.com/POd8D1WfBa”

2018-09-11 12:48: “Small Business Optimism Soars to Highest Level Ever | Breitbart https://www. breitbart.com/big-government /2018/09/11/small-business-optimism-soars-to-highest-level-ever/ … via @BreitbartNews”

2018-09-11 11:32: “#NeverForget #September11th https://www. pscp.tv/w/bmfWJzFvTlFs TFJub1dwUXd8MXZBeFJFcW5ScFpKbFiJYzANiSog5OqX9uwwIO0Rnttk8c0nyVTVkOIRuohg?t=1m10s …”

2018-09-11 07:12: “#NeverForget #September11th https:// twitter.com/scavino45/stat us/1039469874609893376 …”

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Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States.