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2018-08-04 21:43: “…Danny O’Connor is a total puppet for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters – Danny wants to raise your taxes, open your borders, and take away your 2nd Amendment. Vote for Troy on Tuesday!”

2018-08-04 21:43: “A great night in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District with Troy Balderson! Troy loves Ohio, and he loves the people of Ohio. He will be fighting for you all the way…”

2018-08-04 20:28: “Thank you Ohio. I love you! https://www. pscp.tv/w/bjY7PzFvTlFs TFJub1dwUXd8MVlwS2tMQVpPT1BHarONofqoQ8cpp9SNZ_rTraoZrP1YqkrkeystkLB7mZoH?t=3s …”

2018-08-04 16:53: “Iran, and it’s economy, is going very bad, and fast! I will meet, or not meet, it doesn’t matter – it is up to them!”

2018-08-04 16:28: “Heading to Ohio!”

2018-08-04 16:03: “….China, which is for the first time doing poorly against us, is spending a fortune on ads and P.R. trying to convince and scare our politicians to fight me on Tariffs- because they are really hurting their economy. Likewise other countries. We are Winning, but must be strong!”

2018-08-04 15:58: “….Tariffs will make our country much richer than it is today. Only fools would disagree. We are using them to negotiate fair trade deals and, if countries are still unwilling to negotiate, they will pay us vast sums of money in the form of Tariffs. We win either way……”

2018-08-04 15:53: “….Tariffs have had a tremendous positive impact on our Steel Industry. Plants are opening all over the U.S., Steelworkers are working again, and big dollars are flowing into our Treasury. Other countries use Tariffs against, but when we use them, foolish people scream!”

2018-08-04 15:47: “Tariffs are working far better than anyone ever anticipated. China market has dropped 27% in last 4months, and they are talking to us. Our market is stronger than ever, and will go up dramatically when these horrible Trade Deals are successfully renegotiated. America First…….”

2018-08-04 11:18: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @USCG ! https:// twitter.com/uscg/status/10 25743163661594624 …”

2018-08-04 09:02: “Troy Balderson, running for Congress from Ohio, is in a big Election fight with a candidate who just got caught lying about his relationship with Nancy Pelosi, who is weak on Crime, Borders & your 2nd Amendment-and wants to raise your Taxes (by a lot). Vote for Troy on Tuesday!”

2018-08-04 08:49: “Will be going to Ohio tonight to campaign for Troy Balderson for the big Congressional Special Election on Tuesday. Early voting is on. Troy is strong on Crime, the Border & loves our Military, Vets & 2nd Amendment. His opponent is a puppet of Nancy Pelosi/high taxes.”

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Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States.